Sorry to say but greed is a bitch!

You had advertise on plugin info that “Make new calculator idea and we make this free for you”. I made you several ideas that you build, but haven’t got any free. Also that note is gone (I think) Didn’t find it anymore so my quess is you removed it.

Also also, I replyed to you after you emailed me that those new calcs are ready, that “Thanks, I will buy them all”. The price was 65$ ATM and it took me 30min from sending that email to come your website and purchace the package. What I find out is that the prices had increased. The package was now 108$, lol. So after I said I buy them all you rushed to increase the prices like wtf…

Also also also, when I first time downloaded the plugin there was 8 preinstalled calculators. Now when I installed it again there was none. Did you remove those preinstalled example calculators, so that it is much harder to figure out the mechanism and that people would buy them  more frequently?

Do you even care your customers or is this all about money?

FrankyDDD Asked question March 2, 2023