Version 1.5

  • Added: function for alert for error calculation [read more]

Version 1.4

  • Added: submit button at the bottom of the form
  • Added: type ‘required’ for fields: Text, Textarea
  • Added: option ‘Hide fields of results when changing calculator parameters’
  • Optimized: builder script & style
  • Fixed: minor bug with creating variables

Version 1.3.1

  • Changed: the data table fields type from text to LONGTEXT

Version 1.3

  • Added: possibility to resize the form in admin
  • Fixed: the radio field was omitted in the variable field[]
  • Fixed: checkbox value was sting. Change on the number.
  • Fixed: checkbox value get when the checkbox checked, other = 0;

Version 1.2

  • Added: includes JS and CSS files
  • Added: support RTL
  • Added: minification script and style

Version 1.1

  • Added: option for calculation when form load
  • Added: variables: fieldset, label, field
  • Added: custom functions: hide, show, addClass, removeClass

Version 1.0

  • Added: button ‘New’ in page created the calculator
  • Changed: create calculator without the button ‘Calculate’
  • Fixed: selected current tag in filter
  • Fixed: item count in List table