How to Calculate Many Boxes of Tiles Someone Needs

Simple step-by-step instructions on how to create a simple online calculator for calculating tile boxes

This post explains a simple formula to calculate the number of boxes of tiles someone needs for a given area. By entering the width and length of the area in question, users can obtain an estimate of the number of boxes they need to purchase, rounded up to the nearest whole box.

Input data:

  • 11.1 decking tiles = 1m2

To find the m2 or an area multiply: length x width.

  • E.g. 5m x 4m = 20m2
  • 20m2 multiply by 11.1 tiles = 222 tiles
  • 222 tiles divide by 6 = 37 boxes of 6 tiles per box.

Creating calculator

Need to use the variables x[] for input parameters: length and width. And y[] – for the result.

If length – x[1] and width x[2], formula is

formula for boxes tiles

Calculate boxes tiles