Apgar Score Calculator

Accurately calculate the Apgar Score of newborns with our easy-to-use online tool

The Apgar score is a straightforward and reliable approach to rapidly assess the well-being of newborn infants right after birth. It involves evaluating the baby on five simple criteria, assigning a score of zero to two for each, and then summing up the individual scores. The resulting Apgar score, ranging from zero to 10, provides an indication of the newborn’s overall condition.

Appearance (Skin Color)
Pulse (Heart Rate)
Grimace (Reflex Irritability)
Activity (Muscle Tone)
Respiration (Resp. Effort)
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    The acronym APGAR stands for:

    A: Appearance (Skin color)

    P: Pulse (Heart rate)

    G: Grimace (Reflex irritability)

    A: Activity (Muscle tone)

    R: Respiration(Respiratory effort)

    The care test is generally done on a newborn child at one and five minutes after birth and may be repeated later if the score is and remains low.

    If the Score is,

    • < 3 critically low
    •  4 – 6 fairly low
    • 7 – 10 generally normal