Cerebral Blood Flow Calculator

CBF, or blood flow in the brain, shows how quickly blood is delivered to capillaries in the brain.

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    CBF is measured in milliliters of blood for every 100 grams of brain tissue in a minute. In the human brain, a normal CBF is around 60 ml per 100 g per minute, which is also equal to 0.01 per second (based on an average brain tissue density).

    Enter your specific metrics and find out your own value of blood flow in the brain:

    • Sys BP – systolic blood pressure
    • Dias BP – diastolic blood pressure
    • ICP – intracranical pressure
    • CVR – Cerebrovascular resistance

    Normal cerebral blood flow is ~750ml.min-1 or ~15% of resting cardiac output.

    \text{Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF)} = \frac{{\text{MAP} - \text{ICP}}}{{\text{CVR}}} \text{MAP (Mean arterial pressure)} = \text{DBP} + \left[\frac{1}{3} \times (\text{SBP} - \text{DBP})\right]


    • ICP = intracranial press
    • CVR = Cerebral Vascular Resistance (units are dynes = mmHg/mL/min)
    • Within the limits of systemic MAP, the human brain alters CVR to keep CBF constant.