Email marketing ROI

Online calculator for finding the email marketing ROI. Calculate the email marketing ROI by the input parameters: audience size, email campaign cost, response rate, email conversion rate, and average purchase.

Email marketing ROI (Return on Investment) is a widely used profitability ratio that provides valuable insights for businesses. It measures the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns and their impact on generating revenue. By calculating the return on investment, businesses can evaluate the performance of their email marketing efforts and make informed decisions to optimize their results. With our online email marketing ROI calculator, you can easily determine the return on investment from your email campaigns and analyze how various changes can influence your ROI and conversion rates. Gain valuable insights into the success of your email marketing strategies and enhance your overall marketing performance.

Audience Size
Email Campaigns Cost
Response Rate
Email Conversion Rate
Average Purchase
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    Email marketing is a dominating force in the world of marketing. Calculating the ROI (Return on Investment) of Email Marketing Campaigns is made simpler here.

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