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Calculate the Gearing Ratio with our free online tool using the input parameters: Total Debt, Shareholder’s Equity

Discover the net gearing ratio of a company with our easy-to-use online calculator. The gearing ratio, a vital accounting and finance ratio, measures the level of long-term debt in relation to the equity capital of a company. By entering the values for Total Debt, including Short Term, Long Term, and Bank Overdrafts, as well as the value for Shareholder’s Equity, you can quickly calculate the net gearing ratio in percentage. Gain valuable insights into a company’s financial structure with our efficient online calculator for gearing ratio analysis.

Total Debt (Including Short term , Long term debt and Bank overdrafts)
Shareholder's Equity
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    Gearing Ratio = (Total Debt / Shareholder’s Equity) x 100

    Calculate the net gearing ratio for real estate investment trusts (REITs) by dividing the gross borrowings by the total assets, using the most recent valuation of the REIT. Gain insights into the financial leverage and debt level of REITs with this simple calculation. The net gearing ratio provides valuable information about the proportion of debt in relation to the total assets of a REIT. Make informed investment decisions by evaluating the financial health of REITs using the net gearing ratio calculation.