Inventory Shrinkage Percentage Calculator

Calculate the Inventory Shrinkage Percentage with our free online tool using the input parameters: Starting Inventory, Physical Counted Inventory, Purchases, Sales, Adjustments

This online accounting calculator enables you to calculate the loss percentage from the manufacturing stage to the point of sale. It takes into account factors such as product purchases, sales, and adjustments that occur in a retail shop. By entering the relevant data, you can easily determine the loss percentage incurred in the process, providing valuable insights for inventory management and retail analysis.

Starting Inventory
Physical Counted Inventory
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    • Booked (Invoiced) Inventory = (Starting Inventory + Purchases) – (Sales + Adjustments)
    • Shrinkage = Booked Inventory – Physical Counted Inventory
    • Shrinkage Percent = (Shrinkage / Booked Inventory) × 100

    Effortlessly calculate inventory shrinkage and quantify accounting losses using this convenient tool. Inventory shrinkage refers to the discrepancy between recorded inventory levels and actual physical stock. This calculator streamlines the process, allowing you to determine the extent of inventory shrinkage and assess the financial impact on your business. Gain valuable insights into your inventory management and make informed decisions to mitigate losses.