Loan payment amount

Need to know how much your loan payment will be each period? You can find the regular payment amount by using the calculator below. Simply enter the loan amount, the interest rate, and the term of the loan. You’ll get the regular payment amount.

Loan amount
Interest rate
Number of years
Rate of interest compounded
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    34 Number of calculations
    P = \frac{rA}{1 - (1+r)^{-N}}


    • P is the principal amount of the loan.
    • A is the monthly payment amount.
    • r is the monthly interest rate (expressed as a decimal).
    • N is the total number of payments.

    The rate of Interest Compounded is,

    • Monthly, r = i / 1200 и N = n * 12
    • Quarterly, r = i / 400 и N = n * 4
    • Half-yearly, r = i / 200 и N = n * 2
    • Yearly, r = i / 100 и N = n

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