Appearance Calculators

A set of online appearance calculators. Online appearance calculators are easy to download and install on your site.

This is a set of online appearance calculators for free WordPress plugins Calculator Builder. This set includes 20 online calculators. You can see all calculators by following the link.

Online calculators:

  1. 3-point skin fold body fat
  2. Activity Points
  3. BAI and BMI
  4. Body Adiposity Index
  5. Body fat
  6. Body mass for men
  7. Body mass for women
  8. Burned Calories
  9. Daily Points Plus Allowance
  10. Fat Free Mass Index
  11. Full Body Analysis
  12. Ideal body proportions
  13. Ideal proportions for growth
  14. Ideal Weight
  15. Lean body mass
  16. Percentage body fat
  17. Propoints Weight Watchers
  18. Proportionality of body
  19. Standards growth
  20. Waist to Height Ratio

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