Lathe Operation Cutting Time Calculator

Learn how to calculate cutting time on a lathe. Quickly and accurately figure out the time needed for your next machining project with our easy-to-use lathe cutting time calculator.

Calculate the time needed for threading and cutting lathe operations from a given length, diameter of the tap, and revolutions of the job per minute using the Lathe Cutting Time Calculator.

Enter the length of threaded portion
Enter the diameter of tap used
Revolution of the job per minute
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    Time for Tapping = \frac{L + \frac{D}{2}}{P \times r.p.m}
    Time for Cutting = \frac{\frac{3}{2} \times (L + \frac{D}{2})}{P \times r.p.m}


    • P is the pitch of the thread in millimeters
    • L is the length of the threaded portion in millimeters
    • D is the diameter of the tap used in millimeters
    • r.p.m is the revolutions per minute of the job.