Mechanical Advantage of A Screw Calculator

Calculate the mechanical advantage of a screw easily with our free online calculator. Quickly find the perfect screw for your project!

The use of simple machines such as screws, wedges, and levers can help save energy, and the measure of this energy is referred to as the mechanical advantage. A screw is one of these simple machines, and it is characterized by helical ridges and a head. The helical ridges are known as threads. Use this online calculator to determine the mechanical advantage of a screw.

Diameter of Screw
Distance Between the Threads
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    MA = \frac{\pi \cdot d}{l}


    • MA = Mechanical Advantage
    • d = Diameter of Screw
    • l = Distance Between the Threads

    The mechanical advantage of a screw is determined by two components: the pitch and the radius. The pitch is the distance between adjacent threads.