Mechanical Advantage of Wheel and Axle Calculator

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The mechanical advantage of a wheel and axle is the ratio of the output force that is generated by the mechanical device to the force (input) that is applied. This simple machine, identified by Renaissance scientists, consists of a wheel attached to an axle, both of which rotate together to transfer a force from one to the other. This online calculator can be used to determine the mechanical advantage of the wheel and axle, given the radius of the wheel and axle.

Wheel Radius
Axle Radius
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    MA = \frac{r_w}{r_a}


      • MA = Mechanical Advantage
      • rw = Wheel Radius
      • ra = Axle Radius

    The wheel and axle are a simple machine used to move objects. The axle serves as a pivot point that allows the wheel to rotate, and the faster the axle spins, the faster the wheel turns.