Oxygen Content Calculator

The oxygen content (CaO2) in arterial blood is determined by the amount of oxygen carried by hemoglobin.

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    To calculate the arterial oxygen content just input your specific values for hemoglobin concentration, oxygen saturation, and partial pressure of oxygen. 

    These values are typically obtained through arterial blood gas (ABG) test, which should be performed by healthcare professionals.

    CaO2 = (Hgb x 1.36 x SaO2) + (0.0031 x PaO2)


    CaO2 – Arterial oxygen content

    Hgb – hemoglobin

    Normal range (Adults):

    Male: 13-18 g/dl
    Female: 12-16 g/dl

    SaO2 – % of hemoglobin saturated with oxygen

    Normal range: 93-100%:

    PaO2 – Arterial oxygen partial pressure

    (Normal range: 80-100)

    CaO2: Indicates the overall count of oxygen molecules in arterial blood, (both bound and unbound to hemoglobin)

    !!NOTE: self-diagnosis and treatment are not recommended. If you have concerns about your oxygen levels, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional for accurate advice tailored to your specific situation.