Pulmonary Shunt Calculator

Find the Pulmonary Shunt Ratio, a condition where blood perfuses the lungs’ alveoli but ventilation fails.

Our online Qs/Qt ratio calculator streamlines pulmonary shunt calculations. Easily compute using the shunt ventilation calculator, which considers oxygen content in pulmonary end capillaries, arterial, and mixed venous blood.

Oxygen Content in Pulmonary End Capillary
Oxygen Content in Arterial
Oxygen Content in Mixed Venous Blood
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    1 Number of calculations
    \text{Qs/Qt(Fraction)} = \frac{{C - A}}{{C - V}} \text{Qs/Qt(\%)} = \left(\frac{{C - A}}{{C - V}}\right) \times 100


    • P = Pulmonary shunt ratio
    • C = Oxygen content in pulmonary end capillary
    • A = Oxygen content in arterial
    • V = Oxygen content in mixed venous blood