Turning Surface Roughness Calculator

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The unevenness of a surface caused by the machining process is known as roughness. This creates the surface texture. This online turning surface roughness calculator is used to determine the roughness of the surface of a tool used in a turning operation.

Cutting Feed (IPR)
Tool Nose Radius
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    Ra = \left(\frac{IPR_2}{T \cdot 24} \cdot 10^6\right) \cdot 1.11


    • Ra = Turning Surface Roughness
    • IPR = Cutting Feed (IPR)
    • T = Tool Nose Radius

    A Turning Surface Roughness Calculator is a tool used to calculate the surface roughness of a workpiece that has been turned on a lathe. This calculator takes into account various parameters such as the cutting speed, feed rate, depth of cut, and the material properties of the workpiece and cutting tool. The output of the calculator is typically a value for the surface roughness, expressed in micrometers or other units of measurement. This information is useful for machinists and engineers who need to ensure that the finished workpiece meets the required specifications for surface finish. By adjusting the input parameters, the calculator can help optimize the turning process to achieve the desired surface finish while minimizing machining time and tool wear.