Vehicle Stopping Distance Calculator

Calculate the Vehicle stopping distance with our free online tool using the input parameters: Vehicle Speed, Coefficient of Friction, Grade of Road, Time

Calculate the stopping sight distance for a moving vehicle with our user-friendly online braking distance calculator. Input the vehicle speed, friction coefficient, road grade, and perception/reaction time to determine the required braking distance. Optimize road safety and make informed decisions based on accurate calculations.

Vehicle Speed
Coefficient of Friction
Grade of Road
Perception/Reaction Time
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    Stopping\ Distance = (v \times t) + \frac{v^2}{2 \times g \times (f \pm G)}

    The variables used in the formula are:

    • Stopping Distance: The total distance required to bring the vehicle to a complete stop.
    • v: Vehicle speed.
    • t: Perception/reaction time.
    • g: Acceleration due to gravity.
    • f: Friction coefficient.
    • G: Grade of the road.

    The calculator uses the formula for calculating the stopping distance based on the vehicle speed, perception/reaction time, friction coefficient, and road grade. The term f ± G indicates that you can choose either addition or subtraction based on the road grade.