Trapezoidal Footing Volume Calculator

Calculate the Trapezoidal footing volume with our free online tool using the input parameters: Height of Lower Shape, Breadth of Lower Shape, Height of Upper Shape, Breadth of Upper Shape, Height of Trapezoidal

A quadrilateral with two parallel sides is known as a trapezoid. The footing is the base where the weight of the structure is transferred to the ground. Footings that are sloped are referred to as trapezoidal footings. All slope sides of the structure are kept at a 45 degree angle. The height and width of the upper and lower shapes can be entered into the trapezoidal footing volume calculator to determine the volume of the trapezoid footing.

Height of Lower Shape
Breadth of Lower Shape
Height of Upper Shape
Breadth of Upper Shape
Height of Trapezoidal
Volume of Trapezoid Footing
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    V = \frac{h}{3(A_1 + A_2 + \sqrt{A_1 \cdot A_2})}

    The variables used in the formula are:

    • V = Volume of Trapezoid Footing
    • h = Height of Trapezoidal
    • A1 = Area of the Lower Shape
    • A2 = Area of the Upper Shape
    • A1 = m x n (Lower Height x Lower Breadth)
    • A2 = o x p (Upper Height x Upper Breadth)

    The calculator uses the formula for calculating the value of V using the given values of h, A1, and A2. The terms (A_1 + A_2 + \sqrt{A_1 \cdot A_2}) in the denominator represent the summation of A1, A2, and the square root of the product of A1 and A2.