Vertical Curve Offset Distance Calculator

Calculate the offset distance for a vertical curve with our free online tool uses the input parameters: Length, Initial grade, Final grade

The vertical offset refers to the vertical separation between the VPI (Vertical Point of Intersection) and the arc. A vertical curve facilitates the transition between different pavement elevations in design work. It ensures a consistent rate of change along the curve. Our online vertical curve offset distance calculator enables you to determine middle ordinates or the distance of the vertical offset curve for highways. Simply input the curve length, initial and final grades, and effortlessly obtain accurate results for efficient road design.

Length of Curve
Initial Grade
Final Grade
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    7 Number of calculations
    E = \frac{{L \times (g_2 - g_1)}}{8}


    • E – Vertical Offset
    • g1 – Initial grade
    • g2 – Final grade
    • L – Length of the curve

    The Vertical Curve Offset Distance Calculator makes it easy to calculate the middle ordinate when designing highways online.