AC Power Calculator

This online calculator is designed to help you calculate the AC power by providing the necessary input parameters.

This page provides an online calculator for AC power, which can calculate the current in a circuit based on various parameters, including power factor angle, voltage, and current. Unlike direct current, where electric charge flows in one direction, alternating current changes direction periodically. To use this AC current calculator, you will need to input the power factor angle in degrees, voltage, and current in amperes. This AC voltage calculator also supports different units of measurement for the input values.

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    For Single Phase

    • P = V × I × cos(θ)
    • V = P / (I × cos(θ)
    • I = P / (V × cos(θ)

    For Three Phase

    • P = √3 × V × I × cos(θ)
    • V = P / (3 × I × cos(θ)
    • I = P / (3 × V × cos(θ)


    • P = Power
    • θ = Power Factor Angle
    • V = Voltage
    • I = Current