Cable Force Calculator

Use this online calculator to determine the force in a cable at its supported ends.

This online calculator is used to determine the force in the cable at the support ends. The force refers to the tension left on the two supported ends of the cable, which can cause deformation or acceleration of the object. Under the uniform gravitational force, the supported cables appear curved in shape and follow the Catenary curve. It is crucial to ensure that the tension on the cable can withstand the strain caused by the weight of the object. You can input the necessary parameters into the calculator and obtain the cable force at the support ends.

Midspan Force in Cable
Unit Load
Cable Span
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    11 Number of calculations
    T = \sqrt{H^2 + \left(\frac{w \times L}{2}\right)^2}


    • T = Force in Cable at Support Ends
    • H = Midspan Force in Cable
    • w = Unit Load
    • L = Cable Span