Three Phase Voltage By Two Wattmeters Method Calculator

Online calculator for finding the Three-phase voltage by Two Wattmeters Method. Calculate the Three-phase voltage by Two Wattmeters Method by the input parameters.

Three-phase power is a widely used method for generating, transmitting, and distributing alternating current (AC). It is the primary method used by electrical grids worldwide for power transfer, and is also used in large motors and other heavy loads. To measure three-phase power, the two-wattmeter method can be used, which involves two types of connections: star and delta connections of loads. This electrical calculator estimates three-phase power using the star-type connection.

Voltage V12
Current I2
Displacement Angle
Voltage V13
Current I3
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    4 Number of calculations
    P = (V_{12} * I_{2} * \cos(30 + \theta)) + (V_{13} * I_{3} * \cos(30 - \theta))


    • P = Three-Phase Power
    • V12 , V13 = Voltage
    • I2, I3 = Current
    • θ = Displacement Angle
    • cos = Cosine