Cantilever Beam With Uniform Load Calculator

Calculate the Cantilever beam with uniform load with our free online tool using the input parameters

This online calculator is designed to help you calculate the slope and deflection of a cantilever beam subjected to a uniformly varying load. By inputting the necessary parameters, such as beam length, load intensity, and moment of inertia, you can obtain accurate results for the slope and deflection of the beam. This tool is useful for engineers and students studying structural analysis and beam bending.

Externally applied load
Elastic Modulus
Area moment of inertia
Length of the beam
Load position
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    \text{Slope at free end} = \frac{{P_0 L^3}}{{6EI}}
    \text{Deflection at any section} = \frac{{P_0 x^2 (x^3 + 6L^2 - 4Lx)}}{{24EI}}
    P_0 = \frac{{PL}}{{L - x}}

    The variables used in the formula are:

    P0 is the Maximum intensity,

    P is the Externally applied load,

    E is the Elastic Modulus,

    I is the Area moment of Inertia,

    L is the Length of the beam and

    x is the position of the load.