Concrete Footer Volume Calculator

Calculate the Concrete footer volume with our free online tool using the input parameters: Length, Width

Make use of our convenient civil engineering calculator to determine the precise amount of concrete needed to fill your footing. By providing the width, length, and thickness of the footing, you can accurately calculate the required concrete quantity. Simplify your calculations and ensure optimal resource allocation with our user-friendly calculator.

Outside Width
Outside Length
Inside Width
Inside Length
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    Volume of concrete Footer = [ (ow × ol) − (iw × il) ] × t

    The variables used in the formula are:

    ol – Outside Length

    ow – Outside Width

    il – Inside Length

    iw – Inside Width

    t – Thickness

    Estimate the volume of concrete needed for a concrete block footing with the help of this online calculator. Input the dimensions of the footing, including width, length, and thickness, to calculate the required amount of concrete. Simplify your construction planning with accurate concrete block footing volume calculations.