Concrete Ingredients Calculator

Calculate the Concrete ingredients with our free online tool using the input parameters: Height, Breadth, Width, Cement, Sand, Coarse

Utilize our convenient online Concrete Calculator to determine the precise quantity of ingredients needed for your concrete mixture. Concrete consists of a blend of rock, sand, or gravel, along with Portland cement. With our Concrete Volume Calculator, you can choose the specific concrete type, whether it’s for a slab, beam, rectangular column, or circular column. Simply enter the necessary details such as radius, concrete height, breadth, and length. Additionally, for circle column concrete, you can input the cement ratio, sand ratio, and coarse ratio. This calculator streamlines the process of obtaining accurate measurements for your concrete project.

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    17 Number of calculations

    • V = H x B x W
    • T = M + N + O
    • X = (M / T) x V
    • Y = (N / T) x V
    • Z = (O / T) x V

    The variables used in the formula are:

    H = Height of Concrete

    W = Width of Concrete

    B = Breadth of Concrete

    M = Cement Ratio

    N = Sand Ratio

    O = Coarse Ratio

    V = Volume of Concrete

    T = Total Ratio of ingredients

    X = Cement Quantity

    Y = Sand Quantity

    Z = Coarse Quantity

    Calculate the precise volume of concrete required for your construction projects using our user-friendly online Concrete Volume Calculator. Whether you’re working on a slab, beam, rectangular column, or circular column, our calculator provides accurate results. Simply input the necessary dimensions such as radius, height, breadth, and length, and let the calculator do the rest. With this tool, you can easily determine the right quantity of concrete, saving time and ensuring efficient planning for your concrete needs.