Curb and Gutter Barrier Concrete Yardage Calculator

Calculate the Curb and gutter barrier concrete yardage with our free online tool using the input parameters: Length, Thickness, Width, Height

Calculate the volume of concrete used in curb and gutter barriers with our convenient online calculator. By entering the necessary measurements, you can quickly determine the concrete yardage. This calculator considers parameters such as length, flag, thickness, gutter, width, and curb height. Its reliable and accurate calculations make it a trusted tool in the industry.

Flag Thickness
Gutter Width
Curb Height
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    4 Number of calculations
    Concrete\ Yardage = \left( l \times \left(\frac{f}{12.0} \times \left(\frac{g}{12.0}+\frac{h}{12.0}\right)\right) + l \times \left(\frac{h}{12.0} \times \frac{h}{12.0}\right) \right) \times 0.037037

    The variables used in the formula are:

    l = Length(ft)

    f = Flag Thickness(inch)

    g = Gutter Width(inch)

    h = Curb Height(inch)