Flexible Pavement Structural Number Calculator

Calculate your flexible pavement structural number with our easy-to-use calculator. Get accurate, reliable results quickly and easily.

Use this calculator to determine the structural number of a flexible pavement by inputting the thickness and layer coefficients of the asphalt, base, sub-base, and any additional layers.

Asphalt layer thickness
Layer coefficient for asphalt
Base layer thickness
Layer coefficient of base
Sub-base layer thickness
Layer coefficient of sub-base
Thickness of additional layer
Layer coefficient of additional layer
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    1 Number of calculations

    L=a1ta + b1tb + c1tsb +d1tad

    L=Structural Number of Flexible pavement,

    a1=Layer coefficient for asphalt,

    ta=Asphalt layer thickness,

    b1=Layer coefficient of base,

    tb=Base layer thickness,

    c1=Layer coefficient of sub-base,

    tsb=Sub-base layer thickness,

    d1=Layer coefficient of additional layer,

    tad=Thickness of additional layer