Floor Tile Calculator

Calculate the Floor tile with our free online tool using the input parameters: Length, Breadth, Height, Width

Use this convenient Tiles required calculator to determine the number of floor tiles required for your building or room’s flooring. This calculator takes into account various factors such as room width, room height, skirting tiles height, tiles height, tiles breadth, door breadth, and tiles wastage percentage. By providing these details, you can accurately calculate the total number of tiles needed for your project. This online Floor tile calculator is a valuable tool for budgeting and managing your tile stock efficiently in your building or office.

Room Length
Room Breadth
Tiles length
Tiles Breadth
Skirting Tiles Height
Door Width
Tiles Wastage
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    6 Number of calculations

    • Perimeter of Room = (2 x ( Room length + Room breadth)) – Door width
    • Skirting Tiles Area = Perimeter of Room x Skirting Tiles Height
    • Area of Room = Room length x Room Breadth
    • Total Area to be Laid = Area of Room + Skirting Tiles Area
    • Area of Tiles = Tiles length + Tiles Breadth
    • Number of Tiles We Need = (Total Area to be Laid / Area of Tiles) x Tiles Wastage%

    If you’re unsure about how to calculate the number of tiles required for your home, our online tile flooring calculator is here to help. With this convenient tool, you can easily determine the number of tiles needed for a specific area. The calculation is based on the total area to be tiled and takes into account the tiles wastage percentage. By using this simple tiling calculator, you can accurately estimate the quantity of tiles needed for your project, making your planning process much easier.