Gapped Core Inductance Calculator

Online calculator for finding the Gapped Core Inductance. Calculate the Gapped Core Inductance by the input parameters

This online calculator enables you to compute the air core inductance in various applications, where gapped cores were traditionally utilized to regulate the inductance and improve the quality factor (Q) of air core inductors.

Core length
Gap area
Gap length
Relative permeability
Number of turns
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    5 Number of calculations

    • Al = (4Ï€*Ae) / ((le/μr)+lg)
    • L = Al*N210-3
    • B/I = (0.4Ï€*N) / ((le/μr)+lg)


    • Al = Inductance per turn2
    • N = Number of turns
    • Ae = Gap area
    • Le = Core length
    • μr = Relative permeability
    • Lg = Gap length
    • B/I = Flux Density per Amp