Maximum floor live load capacity

Calculate the Maximum Floor Live Load Capacity with our free online tool using the input parameters

Effortlessly calculate the maximum stationary live load capacity supported by a given floor using our user-friendly online calculator.

Allowable extreme fiber stress in tension
psi or kPa
Thickness of slab
Modulus of subgrade reaction
pci or MPa/m
Modulus of elasticity
psi or kPa
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    1 Number of calculations
    w = 257.876s \left( \frac{kh}{E} \right)^{0.5}

    The variables used in the formula are:

    w = Maximum Allowable Stationary Live Load,

    k = Modulus of subgrade reaction,

    h = Thickness of slab,

    s = Allowable extreme fiber stress in tension,

    E = Modulus of elasticity.

    The Maximum Floor Live Load Capacity Calculator can be utilized when designing large structures.

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