NE555 Timer Astable Circuit Calculator

Efficiently calculate essential values for your NE555 timer astable circuit with our online calculator.

The NE555, commonly referred to as the 555 timers, is a dependable electronic component widely utilized in various applications. It is suitable for both astable and monostable circuit configurations. This integrated circuit is commonly employed in time controllers, clock generators, and even power supply switching. By utilizing the NE555 timer astable circuit calculator, you can conveniently obtain essential values such as frequency, time high, time low, and duty cycle. Simply input the resistor and capacitor values, specifically resistor1, resistor2, and capacitor, to retrieve accurate calculations for your circuit design.

Resistor 1
Resistor 2
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    8 Number of calculations
    d = \left(\frac{{THigh}}{{THigh + Tlow}}\right) \times 100 f = \frac{{1.44}}{{(R1 + 2(R2)) \times C}} THigh = 0.693 \times (R1 + R2) \times C Tlow = 0.693 \times R2 \times C d = \left(\frac{{THigh}}{{THigh + Tlow}}\right) \times 100


    • R1 = Resistor 1
    • R2 = Resistor 2
    • C = Capacitor
    • d = Duty Cycle
    • f = Frequency
    • THigh = Time High
    • Tlow = Time Low