Nichrome Wire Calculator

Nichrome, an alloy composed of Nickel and Chromium, possesses remarkable resistance to corrosion and boasts a high melting point. These properties make it a preferred choice for various electrical appliances and tools. NiCr coils are typically available in two common types, namely Type A and Type C. By winding Nichrome into coils with specific electrical resistance, heat can be generated by passing current through it. Simplify your calculations with our online Nichrome wire calculator, which allows you to effortlessly determine the resistance, power, current, and voltage of your Nichrome coil. Just input the length, thickness, and temperature of the NiCr, and obtain accurate results in an instant.

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    • RN = (Wire Length (inch) / 12) x RPF
    • Vp = I x RN
    • Power = I x Vp


    • RPF = Resistance per Feet (Ohms)
    • I = Current Required (Amps)
    • Vp = Volts