Number of Turns In A Transformer Coil Calculator

Calculate the total number of turns in the primary coil of a transformer with ease using our online Number of Turns in a Transformer Coil Calculator.

The number of turns in a transformer coil plays a significant role in its DC resistance. A higher number of turns results in increased resistance, which in turn decreases the current when the power supply remains constant. Additionally, the magnetic field of the coil is directly proportional to the number of turns (specifically turns per inch) and the current passing through the coil. Utilize our user-friendly online calculator for determining the total number of turns in the primary coil of a transformer. Simply input the necessary values and click the calculate button to obtain accurate results.

Operating Frequency
Magnetic Flux
Area of Core
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    7 Number of calculations

    • Te = 1/(4.44 × F × M × A)
    • T = Te × V


    • Te = Turns per Volts
    • T = Total Number of Turns
    • M = Magnetic flux
    • A = Area of Core
    • F = Operating Frequency
    • V = Voltage