Paver Patio Calculator

Calculate the Paver Patio with our free online tool using the input parameters: Length, Width

Pavers are used as a decorative surface covering, enhancing outdoor areas and creating inviting gathering spaces. When constructing a paver patio, accurate measurements of the paver and patio dimensions are crucial. With our online paver patio calculator, you can calculate the total paver size, patio size, and the number of pavers needed. Just input the length and width of the paver and patio, as well as the cost of the pavers, and the calculator will provide you with the necessary information.

Patio Size
Paver Size
Total Size of Patio
Total Size of a Paver
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    2 Number of calculations

    S = a \times b
    p = l \times w
    r = \frac{{a \times b}}{{l \times w}}
    c = \frac{{a \times b}}{{l \times w}} + \left(\frac{{10}}{{100}} \times \frac{{a \times b}}{{l \times w}}\right)
    d = \left(\frac{{a \times b}}{{l \times w}}\right) \times m
    e = \left(\frac{{a \times b}}{{l \times w}} + \left(\frac{{10}}{{100}} \times \frac{{a \times b}}{{l \times w}}\right)\right) \times m

    The variables used in the formula are:

    e = Cost of a Recommended Pavers

    d = Cost of Required Pavers

    m = Cost of a Paver

    c = Recommended Pavers

    r = Required Pavers

    p = Total Size of a Paver (ft²)

    s = Total Size of Patio (ft²)

    a = Length of Patio (ft)

    b = Width of Patio (ft)

    l = Length of Paver (inch)

    w = Width of Paver (inch)