PCB Differential Impedance

Ensure precise impedance matching and superior signal integrity by accurately determining the impedance between two lines driven differentially on your printed circuit board (PCB).

Calculate the differential impedance of a printed circuit board (PCB) using our online calculator. Ensure accurate impedance matching and signal integrity for your PCB designs. Easily determine the impedance between two lines driven differentially for optimal circuit performance.

Characteristic Impedance
Space Between Traces
Height of Trace
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    1 Number of calculations
    d = 2 \times z \times \left(1 - 0.48 \times e^{(-0.96 \times \left(\frac{s}{h}\right))}\right)


    • d = Differential Impedance of Printed Circuit Board
    • z = Characteristic Impedance
    • s = Space between traces
    • h = Height of trace

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