Real and Reactive Power Calculator

Determine the actual power and volt-ampere reactive (VAR) for given voltage and current values. Suitable for both single phase and three-phase power systems.

Calculate the real power and reactive power using our online calculator. Determine the active power (real power) and reactive power (volt-ampere reactive or VAR) based on the given voltage and current values. This calculator works for both single-phase and three-phase power systems.

Phase Type
Phase Angle
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    For Single Phase

    t = v \times i \times \cos(p)
    r = v \times i \times \sin(p)

    For Three Phase

    t = \sqrt{3} \times v \times i \times \cos(p)
    r = \sqrt{3} \times v \times i \times \sin(p)


    • t = Real power
    • r = Reactive power
    • v = Voltage
    • i = Current
    • p = Phase Angle