Specific Work of Gas Turbine Calculator

Calculate the specific work of a gas turbine using our online calculator.

Specific work, measured in SI units, is the work per unit weight in gas turbines. Gas turbines involve compressible fluids, and the specific work can be determined using parameters such as air heat ratio, individual gas constant, absolute temperature, primary pressure, and secondary pressure. Calculate specific work using our online gas turbine-specific work calculator.

Ratio Specific Heat Air
Individual Gas Constant
Absolute Temperature
Secondary Pressure
Primary Pressure
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    w = \frac{K}{(K - 1) \times R \times T1 \times \left[1 - \left(\frac{p2}{p1}\right)^{\frac{K-1}{K}}\right]}


    • w = Specific Work Gas Turbine
    • K = Ratio Specific Heat Air
    • R = Individual Gas Constant
    • T1 = Absolute Temperature
    • p1 = Primary Pressure
    • p2 = Secondary Pressure