Stripline Impedance Calculator

Stripline is a transverse electromagnetic (TEM) transmission line medium commonly implemented on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Get accurate results for PCB impedance calculations with this easy-to-use tool.

Calculate the impedance of a stripline using this convenient online PCB impedance calculator. Stripline is a type of transmission line medium commonly fabricated using printed circuit boards (PCBs). The impedance of the stripline is measured in Ohms and can be determined using this calculator. Additionally, you can also obtain information such as capacitance, propagation delay, and inductance associated with the stripline using the Stripline Impedance Calculator.

Relative Permittivity of the Dielectric
Height of Trace
Trace Thickness
Width of the Trace
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    z = \frac{60}{\sqrt{e}} \ln\left(\frac{1.92 \times (2h + t)}{0.8w + t}\right) c = \frac{5.55 \times 10^{-11} \times e}{\ln\left(\frac{3.81h}{0.8w + t}\right)} p = 3.34 \times 10^{-9} \sqrt{e} l = c \times z \times z


    • e = Relative permittivity of the dielectric
    • m = Height of dielectric
    • h = Height of trace
    • z = Characteristic impedance
    • w = Width of the trace
    • t = Trace thickness
    • c = Capacitance per unit length
    • p = Effective propagation delay
    • l = Inductance per unit length