Temperature Rise In Pumps Calculator

Calculate the temperature rise in pumps caused by energy losses and friction using our online calculator.

Pumps are not perfectly efficient and experience energy losses due to friction and hydraulic inefficiencies, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the fluid being pumped. Use our online pump temperature rise calculator to determine the temperature rise based on the pump’s brake power, efficiency, fluid properties such as specific heat capacity, volume flow rate, and density.

Brake Power
Pump Efficiency
Specific Heat Capacity of Fluid
Volume Flow Through Pump
Fluid Density
kg /m3
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    dt = \frac{{P_s \cdot (1 - \mu)}}{{c_p \cdot q \cdot \rho}}


    • dt = Temperature Rise in Pump
    • q = Volume Flow through Pump
    • Ps = Brake Power
    • cp = Specific Heat Capacity of Fluid
    • μ = Pump Efficiency
    • ρ = Fluid Density