Three Phase Transformer

Easily determine the required volts, kVA, and amps for your three-phase transformer

Use our online Three-Phase Transformer Calculator to determine the current in various power units. Transformers are utilized to increase or decrease the alternating volts in electric power. There are two types: single-phase and three-phase transformers. A three-phase transformer consists of three interlaced magnetic circuits, ensuring a consistent distribution of dielectric flux between the high and low-voltage windings. Discover the voltage, kVA, and amps of a transformer by employing our convenient transformer capacity calculator.

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    2 Number of calculations
    V = \frac{k \times 1000}{A \times Ph} A = \frac{k \times 1000}{V \times Ph} k = \frac{Ph \times V \times A}{1000}


    • V = Volt
    • A = Amps
    • k = kVA
    • Ph = 3 phase (√3 = 1.732050808)

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