Torsion Spring Wire Length Calculator

Calculate the length of torsion springs with our quick and easy wire length calculator! Get precise measurements in just a few clicks.

Torsion Spring is a type of helical spring that produces a torque or rotary force when twisted. It is a flexible and elastic object that is able to return mechanical energy when twisted. The ends of the torsion spring are connected to other components, and when rotated, the spring brings them back to their original position. This cylindrical round wire spring is made in various shapes. To calculate the wire length of a torsion spring, use this convenient online Torsion Spring Wire Length calculator.

Mean Diameter
Leg Length 1 (LL1)
Leg Length 2 (LL2)
Total Coils (N)
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    1 Number of calculations
    Torsion Spring Wire Length = (\Pi \cdot D \cdot N) + LL_1 + LL_2


    • D = Mean Diameter
    • N = Total Coils
    • LL1 = Leg Length 1
    • LL2 = Leg Length 2