Total Luminous Flux Calculator

Calculate the total luminous flux of a light source using our online calculator.

Measure the amount of useful light emitted by a light source with our convenient online calculator for total luminous flux. Luminous flux, measured in lumens (lm), provides an objective measure of the light’s brightness. This converter also allows you to convert luminous intensity to luminous flux, providing you with the lumen output of the light source. Discover the capabilities of your light source’s luminous flux with ease.

Maximum Luminous Intensity
Cone Full Angle
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    \Omega = 2\pi(1-\cos(\theta)) F = \Omega \cdot Iv


    • Iv = Maximum Luminous Intensity
    • θ = Cone Full Angle
    • Ω = Equivalent Solid Angle
    • F = Total Luminous Flux