Total Resistance of Series, Parallel Circuit

Find the combined resistance of multiple resistors connected in series or parallel configurations.

Calculate the total resistance in a circuit using this online calculator. In a series circuit, the total resistance is obtained by summing up the individual resistor values. In a parallel circuit, the total resistance is determined by adding up the reciprocals of the resistor values and taking the reciprocal of the sum.

Total Voltage
Total Current
Total Power
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    2 Number of calculations

    R_1 = \frac{V_t}{I_t}
    R_2 = \frac{V_{t2}}{P_t}
    R_3 = \frac{P_t}{I_{t2}}


    • R1 = Total Resistance by Vt and It
    • R2 = Total Resistance by Vt and Pt
    • R3 = Total Resistance by Pt and It
    • Vt = Total Voltage
    • It = Total Current
    • Pt = Total Power

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