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Calculate the Curve calculator surveying with our free online tool using the input parameters: Radius, Angle

In mathematics, a curve that does not intersect itself is referred to as a simple curve, distinguishing it from other types of curves. Closed curves, such as triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles, fall into this category. Our online surveying curve calculator simplifies the process of calculating the degree of a curve. Additionally, this circular curve calculator provides values for curve length, tangent length, external distance, long chord length, and middle ordinate.

Deflection Angle
Length of Curve
Length of Tangent
External Distance
Length of Long Chord
Middle Ordinate
Degree of Curve(Approximate)
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    3 Number of calculations

    l = \frac{\pi \cdot r \cdot i}{180}
    t = r \cdot \tan\left(\frac{i}{2}\right)
    e = \left(\frac{r}{\cos\left(\frac{i}{2}\right)}\right) - r
    c = 2 \cdot r \cdot \sin\left(\frac{i}{2}\right)
    m = r - \left(r \cdot \cos\left(\frac{i}{2}\right)\right)
    d = \frac{5729.58}{r}

    The variables used in the formula are:

    i = Deflection Angle

    l = Length of Curve

    r = Radius

    t = Length of Tangent

    e = External Distance

    c = Length of Long Chord

    m = Middle Ordinate

    d = Degree of Curve Approximate

    Use the online simple circular curve calculator to quickly and accurately find the degree or radian of a curve.